Welcome to Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Nanjing Agricultural University

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The predecessor of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Nanjing Agricultural University can be traced back to the Agricultural Veterinary Hospital of the Southeast University established in 1921 and the Veterinary Hospital of the National Central University in 1928. We are pleased to provide a variety of veterinary services for your cats, dogs, and pocket pets including:

Preventive & Wellness Care (including vaccinations)

Critical care & Emergency

Diagnostic Procedures

Veterinary Surgery

Behavior Consultants

Pet Dental Care


We have over 30 professional, licensed vets from around the globe to provide world-class veterinary services for pets, from cutting-edge oncology treatment to cardiology procedures. At the same time, we are one of the most advanced imaging diagnosis and treatment centers in China. All the staff of our hospital will show our warmest welcome to you for your coming and making your pet's experience with us as comfortable as possible. Based on our states of arts equipment, including MRI, CT, C-Arm, defibrinized,

These value steps illustrate the process of a patient coming into the hospital:

1.Register a patient at the registration office.

2.Visits with a doctor.

3.Pay a fee for medical expenses at the registration office (same as a pharmacy).

4.Get thorough confirmatory testing and appropriate treatment.

· If there is a patient for infusion therapy, the owner needs to send the medicine to the pharmacy preparation room of the inpatient department.

· If it is a patient under examination, the examination result report will be sent to the doctor through our online system, and the owner does not need to pick it up.

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Wechat: njau84395500

No.6 Tongwei Road, Nanjing